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Joining the USPA is a very simple process. All you need to do is click on the link below to download your application form. After filling out the simple form, enclose a check for twenty dollars written out to the USPA and mail the form in. There are no restrictions on membership. Anyone with an interest in general aviation is free to join us.
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Membership includes:

Full voting rights at membership meetings
Eligibility to serve as a USPA officer
Legislative representation
Annual subscription to Fly-Low magazine (published monthly).
United States Pilots Association Email Newsletter which informs you of aviation news items and particulars of our plans for quarterly meetings
USPA Handbook and Membership Directory
Annual meeting and fly-ins which include a Wings safety seminar
Membership card
USPA member merchandise
USPA sponsored aviation safety seminars

About membership

Your membership in USPA, as an individual member, means you belong to an organization which, in turn, belongs to you and other members, and is governed by you and associated members. As such, meetings are open to you and all members with full voting rights to any USPA membership meeting. Furthermore, members work with members to enhance the enjoyment and safety of general aviation.

Members, like yourself, come from diverse occupations, professions and trades, working together to share common interests concerning general aviation. As a member of USPA, you are encouraged to participate in the many aviation activities and projects sponsored by the association at national, state, and local levels. These include annual and quarterly meetings, held on weekends at various locations throughout the country to conduct business so that all members and their families from different areas can participate. Weekend recreational activities are planned, in conjunction, so as to appeal to all pilots, spouses and family members. This gives the opportunity to participating members to become acquainted with members from other states and to enlarge their perspectives on general aviation. These membership meetings also permit the planning of pilot seminars and helpful presentation on such topics as aviation safety, proficiency and other useful information.

USPA is a strong advocate of an effective communications program to and among its individual members and affiliated state organizations, both for information and coordination of activities. This is implemented by a USPA News Letter, USPA News Bulletins, a monthly Fly-Low magazine, and general mailings.