About USPA

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What We Do

The United States Pilots Association organizes flyouts several times per year to interesting destinations, primarily within the central United States. Each flyout is normally held in conjunction with a Wings seminar, which promotes education and safety. Organized tours of aircraft factories and aviation facilities are common, along with local attractions and free time to explore on your own or with other flying friends. Past events have included a special members-only tour of the NORAD defense facility, a behind-the-scenes tour of Johnson Space Center and factory tours of Mooney, Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft factories. To balance the aviation-themed activities, we also include group visits to local plays, theater productions and other attractions, which helps to encourage participation not only by pilots, but also their non-flying partners. Most USPA events are attended not only by pilots, but by their spouses as well. In addition, the USPA acts as a central coordinator and representative for state pilots associations, providing a way for state organizations to communicate with each other and to represent interests on the national stage.

Why You Should Join Us

If you are looking for an excuse to fly your airplane, see new parts of the country and meet up with like-minded aviators, consider joining the USPA! Attending USPA events is a great way to expand your aviation horizons, become a safer pilot and enjoy long-weekend getaways either solo or with your spouse/partner. We hope you will consider joining USPA and we look forward to seeing you on an upcoming flying adventure!

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The Team

Meet the Exectuive Team

David Forster

Dave lives on an airpark with his wife and Australian Kelpie, where he enjoys building and flying airplanes and is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.

Jan Hoynacki
Executive Director

Jan is a CFI, multi-engine, SE Land and Sea, Glider pilot with 7,000 hours and over 50 years’ experience, past airport manager and corporate pilot, who has flown over many parts of the world, flew in an airshow, pulled a banner for her marina business, and now flies her Mooney Ovation 2 to USPA and other aviation events and on family trips.

Gustavo Rodriguez
Vice President of Public Relations

Mike Jesch
Vice President of safety and Education

Mike's been flying for over 40 years, with over 30 years in an airliner, including 17 as Captain. He's been a Flight Instructor since 1983, is a two-time Master CFI and the 2018 Long Beach FSDO FAASTeam Rep Of The Year. He owns and flies a Cessna 182 based in Southern California, where he lives with his wife of 30 years.

JC Zalog

Joe Berman

Frequently Asked Questions


Who runs USPA?

USPA is directed by its officers and board who are elected on an annual basis by the individual members. The board includes voting delegates from affiliated states and local chapters.

What is USPA?

An association of affiliated State Pilot Associations, local chapters and individual members.

When does USPA meet?

Board meetings are held at least once a year, and the annual membership meeting is usually held in Branson, MO, in the spring.

What are USPA's Goals?

The primary goal is to provide a forum for the members to make pilots in all states aware of their interests and concerns and to empower the members to communicate those concerns with the support of a national organization (USPA). There are many subsidiary goals, including promoting each state organization, general aviation, and safety and aviation education in general.

Where is USPA located?

USPA's registered office is in Branson, MO, and the annual membership meeting is generally held there. Board meetings and fly-ins are held at various locations in the United States, usually within affiliated states.

Who are USPA's members?

There are three types of members. Affiliated State Pilot Associations, such as New Mexico Pilots Association, Missouri Pilots Association, etc. Local Chapters of USPA are organized at the local level. Individual members are generally pilots who wish to have voting privileges, hold office in USPA, and enjoy the many benefits of individual membership.